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The National Security Agency’s Domestic Spying Program –


The Volokh Conspiracy: When Is a Dog Sniff in Your Car Not a Search?

Another horrible decision allowing what should be an illegal search.

Reason: Islam, Free Speech, and Democracy

Why is it that religon seems to cause such a huge emotional response in people?  It seems to have more effect on people than talking about somebody’s family.  This article demonstrates how this issue raised the ire of a muslim man.  Then, atheists and christians jumped on the judge’s reaction with half truths and outright falsehoods.  It appears that all sides could use with a little restraint.

Court Rules That Police Cannot Use Warrants to Obtain Cell Phone Location of Person Who is Subject of Arrest Warrant

It seems to me this decision is wrong.  Although I might buy the idea that a person’s location is protective on the fourth Amendment, I strongly believe that if there is a warrant for the persons arrest, then a search warrant can issue for the location of the person.  After All, if there is an arrest warrant they may enter the persons residence to arrest them.  I fail to see how locating a person by their cell phone is really any different.