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The National Security Agency’s Domestic Spying Program –


Article: Congress and White House reach spending deal to fund US government

Congress and White House reach spending deal to fund US government.  Is there any way congress can keep the deal together long enough to get it enacted?

We’ve Always Been at War with Eastasia

Clever article but it doesn’t answer why.  Never underestimate the incompetence of government.

Article: Power Shift: Venezuela’s Chavez is Gaining Ground

How the progressive regime ends….

Power Shift: Venezuela’s Chavez is Gaining Ground

What is the difference between Democrats and Republicans?

Democrats destroy liberty in the name of “helping” the lower and middle class while Republicans destroy liberty while seeking to “protect” it.  The end outcome is the same, liberty lost to an ever more powerful state.

Reason: Chuck Schumer’s “Limits to First Amendment” Garbage a Throwback to George W. Bush Circa 1999

This is a good example of how people in power, no matter their political affiliation, seek to control speech that is critical of them.

Its amazing he could have a lead in Democratic Massachussettes.

The Christian Science Monitor: Scott Brown pulls ahead of Elizabeth Warren in Mass. Senate race

Killing its citizens

Holder: Why it’s OK to kill American-born terrorists: Holder: Why it’s OK to kill American-born terrorists

Its a scary thing when the government decides its ok to kill its own citizens.  Presumably, the executive branch gets to determine whether the three prongs are present.  There is a fundamental problem with one branch of government making these determinations.

Illinois Judge Declares State Eavesdropping Law Unconstitutional

It’s amazing to me the state wants to appeal.  What is the harm in recording events that occur in public?  Does this law apply to news media?

Exit polls: Putin will return to presidency in Russia

Shocking development!!!  Who would have thought the man that controls the media, police, military, and intelligence would “win” the election