Let’s Kill The Aid Industry

This is the exact reason why I choose whom I volunteer my time and money with carefully and don’t talk about it with others. Too many people have a look how good I am attitude and don’t really accomplish much.


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  1. Good article. I’ve heard of some of these schemes like M-Pesa. I think it’s a better way of helping the poor than just sending aid which can end up pocketed by bureaucrats.

    What’s interesting is that many folk, especially in the church world that I walk around in, tend to lean more towards various aid programs instead of trying schemes that actually empower the people instead of infantalize them. My guess is that doing something like giving people money or a basic income seems to close to using the market to alleviate poverty and many think that the market places people in poverty (which it has). What India and Brazil show is that trusting the people to manage their money is the best route.

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