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Interesting Self-Defense Story

This is a good analysis on self-defense and questions to be asked in when lethal self defense is or should be allowable.


Singaporean Resort Owner in Malaysia Arrested, Loses Permanent Residency, for Letting Buddhists Meditate in Muslim Prayer Room

This is an example of why separation of church and state is important.

Obama Administration Asks Supreme Court To Reverse First Circuit To Allow Warrantless Searches Of Cellphones

Obama Administration always looking out for our privacy rights!

New Miranda Warnings


No 4th amendment protections for email

“Google: Gmail Users Have No Reason to Expect Privacy”

The Executive Branch says it has the right to Extrajudicially assassinate American Citizens

“The Most Important Court Case You May Never Have Heard Of”

No clothes allowed on planes

“Al-Qaeda Can Turn Clothes into Explosives By Dipping Them in Liquid”