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What Kind of Drugs Kill the Most People?

I’m glad we have this war on illegal drugs……it looks like the legal ones are the most dangerous.


The Dark History Behind Earth Day’s Murderous, Girlfriend-Composting Co-Founder

The History of one of the founders of Earth Day

Chicago Sport Headline this morning

Chicago Tribune Sports Front Page

Dumping of American Stocks?

This is an interesting article on Billionaire’s dumping American stocks. The author obviously is trying to sell his program. However, the issue is still valid. Are billionaire’s dumping American Stocks? If so, why?

This is just funny.


What is wrong with the Financial System

I’ve often said that the Fed is more powerful than the Executive Branch when it comes to economic policy. This article give a great explanation as to why the economy is still faltering. The question is why the Fed continues to do this? Is it to benefit the banks? “The One-Chart Summary Of All That Is Wrong With The US Financial System: JPM Deposits Over Loans”

N Korean Threats continue

It must be a fine line the North Korean leader is playing.  Trying to sound tough and forceful for his people and military while trying not actually start a war that would lead to his country’s destruction.  

Must a Florist supply flowers to a Gay couple?

This is an interesting issue and I’m torn. I’m a support of gay rights and marriage but I also support an individual’s honest religious belief. Should a government be able to force a business to serve all people? Perhaps there is a difference between the person’s religious belief and the operation of the business. What are your thoughts? “Washington Attorney General Sues Florist Who Refused To Provide Flowers For Gay Wedding”

Discrimination can Happen at the Worst Time

Sometimes even the most careful planning isn’t enough.

How to Start a Business in California

How to Start a Business in California