Monthly Archives: November 2012

Court Finds That Outlawing Racial Preferences Violates Constitutional Provision That Outlaws Racial Preferences

Now this is a screwed up opinion.


Where did 180 Russian websites go?

Its safe to say Russia is back to a totalitarian state

Throw Away All Your Electronics Because They’re All Turning Into Narcs

Egyptian Islamic Leader: Faithful Muslims Must Destroy The Pyramids and The Sphinx

“Ron Paul: A New Beginning” – via News Bento

This article speaks for itself.

“Denmark to scrap fat tax” – via News Bento

Shocking that a tax backfires on the government.

Our Galaxy’s Black Hole Is Getting Angry

I’m not sure what significance it has, but its an interesting scientific observation.

Iran Tried to Shoot Down American Drone

What’s Next for the GOP?

A good and concise explanation of what is wrong with the Republican party.

A Nation in Decline?