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Trick or Treat


Sandy Goes Sharia: Syrians Claim Storm Was Engineered By Iranian and Sent To U.S. By Syrian Special Forces

At least we don’t have the market cornered on bizarre explanations of natural occurrences.

Taxing the wealth out of the Country

De Decker, the mayor, recalls that Arnault said nothing about trying to avoid France’s super-tax when the two met late last year but that he did complain about widespread hostility at home toward wealthy people.

De Decker says Arnault told him: “In France, they don’t like entrepreneurs. They don’t like successful businesses. They hate success. It’s a jealous nation.

“And if they are still going like that, I prefer to come to Belgium.”

This was said in reaction to France’s new 75% tax on the wealthy. And they wonder why business leaders are fleeing.

Jeep, an Obama favorite, looks to shift production to China |

Instead of jumping on Romney, perhaps the democrats should ask the Jeep president why he said they were considering moving the production to China.

The Broken Window Fallacy

This is an excellent video describing the broken window fallacy, or, in other words, why government stimulus doesn’t work.

Guest Post: Wealth Inequality in America

Republicans complain about welfare, but the statistics demonstrate that corporate welfare is just as bad.

Higher Taxes on the Rich Are a Precursor to Higher Taxes on the Rest of Us

Is a middle class tax hike on the way?

Saudi King Demands International Blasphemy Law From United Nations

The march toward governmental control of speech continues.

Today’s Economic Reality

Did US go too far in its secret surveillance of citizens? –

It seems the government’s real argument is…trust us….we wouldn’t do anything we aren’t supposed to do. Unfortuantely, history teaches us otherwise. The government that is not accountable to its people is a government that controls its people.