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Be Careful Where You Visit


One Final Wish

myWPEdit ImageObviously, this guy was a big fan of the President.

Court Rules That Police Cannot Use Warrants to Obtain Cell Phone Location of Person Who is Subject of Arrest Warrant

It seems to me this decision is wrong.  Although I might buy the idea that a person’s location is protective on the fourth Amendment, I strongly believe that if there is a warrant for the persons arrest, then a search warrant can issue for the location of the person.  After All, if there is an arrest warrant they may enter the persons residence to arrest them.  I fail to see how locating a person by their cell phone is really any different.

Is our third war over?

The Iranian Justice System at work

It’s hard for me to feel too sorry for these guys as there is no reason for them to be hiking in NW Iraq much less Iran.  Neither place is a bastian of freedom and Iraq is not the safest of places.  However, the sentence these two received is outrageous.  Has anybody heard evidence that they were spies?  Why would a spy be in that part of Iran?  Unfortunately, it looks like a poor decision has resulted in a harsh sentence.  Hopefully Ramadan will result in a pardon

Where are the Leaders?


After watching the debate last night I realized the sad truth.  There are no political leaders anymore.  All of the people on the stage, with the exception of Ron Paul who unfortunately stands little or no chance, are still merely playing politics.

They seem to believe that by speaking what they believe people want to hear rather than truly adressing the issues and speaking frankly with the American people, they will get elected.  They are playing politics in a year when politics are neither needed nor wanted.

At least I hope they are merely playing politics.  Otherwise, their mental capacity whould prevent them from being elected.

Somebody, please show me a leader!