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Tragedy of the Justice Stem


Great video of Ron Paul in the debt limit and value of the dollar.

A Great Analysis of XIV Amendment

Finally a good analysis of why the 14th Amendment does not make the debt limit unconstitutional.

A picture of hell

Straight out of a Horror Movie


The following picture was taken during the volcanic eruption in Chile.  Amazing picture!!!!

Federal Stimulus Money at Work

Yes, the government certainly knows better than I how to spend my money. I never would have thought to spend my money on the following program in an effort to boost employment. With a program such as this, it’s amazing our employment figures for last month (only 18,000 new jobs) was so dreadful.

Obviously, these new super heroes need to work overtime. From the newspaper:

It was not difficult to find critics when the government job-service engine Workforce Central Florida said it was spending more than $70,000 of federal stimulus money to help the unemployed by handing out 6,000 satiny capes for jobless “superheroes” to “fight” “Dr. Evil Unemployment.”

“Absolutely absurd” was the reaction of a laid-off customer-service representative to the program. Several critics interviewed by the Orlando Sentinel noted that such a program further erodes the unemployed’s fragile self-respect.

Workforce Central Florida, though, remained convinced. In the words of a spokeswoman, “Everyone is a superhero in the fight against unemployment.”

Stimulus does not create employment

Here is a great article on the dismal jobs report and how Keynsians don’t understand that government spending does not create jobs.  What Happened to the Jobs?